Our Story

Our goal is to make EVDC your one-stop EV charging solution. With an app that's a breeze to navigate, cryptocurrency as a payment method, and budget-friendly EV chargers, EVDC is designed to be convenient for everyone

The EVDC Token, Where it all started.

We like to call it the future of charging currency.

In the future, both EV's and cryptocurrencies will inevitably play a crucial role and this is why EVDC came into existence. It was our goal to combine these two key entities and create something so convenient that it can be used by everyone.


Our vision extended beyond that initial goal.

We aimed to build a large-scale app., one that would encompass all electric vehicle chargers worldwide, conveniently accessible within a single app without losing sight of our initial goal, to implement a token that will be used to pay for charging sessions.

This marks the inception of the EVDC app.

EVDC became a platform that allows for the seamless exchange between these two entities. It provides users with an easy and secure way to buy EVDC and charge their EV without any hassle.

And then, we introduced the EV chargers roullout.

EVDC is striving to offer top-notch EV chargers, ranging from level 2 chargers to superchargers, to ensure the finest EV experience and establish itself as an industry leader in the field of EV charging.